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Kwan's Home Kitchen

Hi! This is KP Kwan. Kwan’s Home Kitchen is a special section of Bakeroni Cafe to produce truly home cooked baking items.

I have baked various cakes and pies for many years, and always prefer flavor over fancy decorations. Kwan’s Home Kitchen is a collection of homemade cakes and pies prepared just how the grandmother offered them- simple, fresh, unpretentious and full of flavor.

We only used the best ingredients, and minimize the use of unnecessary unhealthy additives. To offer the best home cooked bakery items, we have completely omitted vanilla essence, bread improver, bread softener, preservatives and all artificial flavoring agents from our recipes.

We also do not use margarine in the baking items and always use top quality butter for our cakes and bread.

All homemade cakes and homemade pies are handmade one by one, and never produced commercially on a large scale

My bakery items are down-to-earth, all natural, and wholesome. I keep them real and invite you to taste the difference!

Homemade Cakes

If you are disappointed with the dull and boring flavor of the nicely decorated and beautifully packed cakes sold in most bakeries, it’s time to get back to the basics.

Our homemade cakes are very home-like, with minimum decoration without frosting. These homemade cakes are reminiscent of our grandmother’s baking rustic and unpretentious baking. This is remarkably different from many cake shops which emphasize the looks and decoration over the flavor and texture of the cakes.

Homemade Pies with Shortcrust Pastry

Our shortcrust pastry is made with 100% pure butter. This is because we want to maximize the flavor of butter in exchange for the flakiness of puff pastry. We do not use processed meat to keep it nutritious and healthy.

There are four types of savory pies available: chicken mushroom, lamb, beef, and vegetarian.

Lamb pies are filled with traditional lamb stew. Beef pies are stuffed with Hungarian goulash, chicken & mushroom pies are our original formula, and a combination of carrot, celery, green peas and our signature mushroom soup are tucked into our great vegetable pies.

The homemade apple pie is filled with the classic scrumptious filling of apples with a buttery flavor and crumbly texture pie crust. It is best to serve plain, or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or a dollop of softly whipped cream.