A Cozy Western Cafe

Bakeroni Cafe is a casual western cafe in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Established in 2003, Bakeroni Cafe is owned by food enthusiasts who put food quality above all. Bakeroni Cafe serves a combination of original western, traditional Asian and authentic Chinese dishes.

Bakeroni Cafe is a pork free western cafe. We firmly stick to the principle that the foods we serve are suitable for all walks of life and with no added MSG. We prepared most of our food from scratch based on our recipes in order to provide our patrons a unique dining experience.

We also provide catering services for all occasions from corporate functions to small parties. Our clients include small households as well as large multinational corporations.

The Food Enthusiast

Bakeroni Cafe was founded by Kwan and Moi Ching in 2003. Before that both of them worked as corporate managers in the food industry. Kwan is a food enthusiast who developed most of the recipes for Bakeroni. Kwan offers online cooking tutorials and actively blogs about how to cook Asian foods.

Kwan has left his professional career as a pharmacist to fully dedicated to recipe development in this western cafe. His latest interest is to create cuisines that incorporate Asian cooking techniques and ingredients with a western touch of flavor and presentation.

Our Signature Dishes

Mushroom soup is our signature dish, which was featured on TV and newspapers.

Other popular items in our menu include croissant chicken quesadilla, creamy Tuscan chicken fettuccine and Bakeroni crispy salmon.

Other notable items include our Japanese cheesecake, which has a remarkable smooth and light texture.